Supplier Program

Our mission is to become, over time, a global leader in the beauty industry through understanding our consumers and by creating long term shareholder value.

Building and maintaining partnerships within our Supply Chain is critical to the success of our mission. 


There is no stronger partnership in the supply chain than ensuring our suppliers have the correct information for planning systems and process flow.

For selected suppliers, COTY has available our E2open supplier portal tool, a collaboration software that improves the visibility build trust between parties, allowing automated handling of materials requirements planning (MRP) with an automated environment for Purchase Orders and Scheduling Agreements management. Our E2open packages include a module for alerts and exception management.

See below the following supplier user-manuals are only applicable if you use the E2Open supplier portal. For non E2open order tracking communication tools, see our Standard Excel instructions section below.

All manuals 1-9 can be found in the section DOWNLOADS below. For any questions, please contact your Planning Service Centre.


Safety and Quality are paramount in supplying customers with the very best products. One of our key pillars is to enable efficient and bi-directional communication with our suppliers and TPMs during product design and quality assurance. That is why COTY uses Prosper.

Prosper:(Product Specification Repository) is a custom-made specification system that will support us from the initial design phases through product development and product supply. It will enable consistent and reliable purchasing, manufacture and distribution of materials around the globe with direct which will allow Suppliers and TPMs to work collaboratively on the same version of the information in real-time.

Information on our Prosper specification tool below. For any questions, please get in touch with your assigned R&D contact.