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P&G Specialty Beauty Integration

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CPO Latest Word - January 2017

Dear Partners,

Welcome back to a new year, with new goals and new opportunities in store for 2017.

Last year was full of great accomplishments for Coty, following our acquisition of the P&G Specialty Beauty division with a successful integration of Galleria suppliers and ex P&G employees.

A month after the merge, November 2016 arrived with the date of our first ever Partners’ Day event that took place in Lisbon, Portugal on November 2nd.

215 external supply partners, covering all procurement categories, joined myself alongside CEO Camillo Pane, CFO Patrice de Talhouet, EVP Supply Chain Mario Reis and SVP R&D Ralph Macchio.

Together, those in attendance put their collective wisdom to work to set the foundations for a truly transparent, engaging and collaborative partnership. It was an exciting venue combining industrial chic with the energy, creativity and agility associated with start-ups. It was a truly ground-breaking moment for Coty and our loyal supplier partners.

During the event, we committed to launch a new SRM program with the ambition for Coty to become a customer of choice for our partners.

Through the new SRM program, we aim to:

  • Build the capabilities of Supplier Relationship Management for Coty with true mutual benefits between Coty and our partners
  • Focus on capabilities that will contribute in order to differentiate Coty from the competition, a key enabler to be a challenger in the beauty industry
  • Prioritize supplier development in terms of cost, to use and develop a strong approach for supplier innovation to develop Coty top line

I wish you all a prosperous start to this new year, and look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Guillaume Leopold